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Divine Wellness Center is a fully operational cannabis dispensary in Canoga Park, CA. We have a large variety of products designed to treat the physical and mental complaints of our clients. There are a few specific complaints that we receive most often in our line of work. Take a look and see if any of them apply to you:

• Chronic Pain—Chronic pain patients often have to deal with an ongoing use of traditional chemical opioid treatments. Medical marijuana offers a safer alternative, one without the danger of addiction or withdrawal.

• Cancer Patients—Cancer patients often have to undergo chemotherapy treatments. One of the most prevalent side effects of those treatments is nausea. Our herbal products have been shown to reduce nausea and amp up appetite, stopping both the negative side effects for chemotherapy patients as well as the unnecessary and often dangerous weight loss that comes with it.

• Depression—New studies have shown marijuana can help improve mood long after the euphoric side effect has gone. Although the research is new, it seems promising!

• Autism—The evidence of cannabis helping autistic children might still be informal, but there have been groups forming of parents wanting cannabis for their autistic children. The effects of medical marijuana appear to relax the children, so they feel more free to talk and interact with others.

To put it simply, being in pain is not fun. Being in chronic, unrelenting pain is even worse. We see clients who might have issues of chronic back pain, glaucoma, joint inflammation due to arthritis, or other accident-related injuries. Herb medicines are great for long-term treatments!

Medical marijuana has shown to be effective in a few different mental arenas, including anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Recently depression has been added to that list! Our collective will work with you regardless of the issue to make sure your needs are being met.

By providing legalized marijuana for medical purposes, we have an exciting opportunity to provide relief for many diseases and problems affecting people across the state of California! Please do not wait to get help yourself.

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