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Here at Divine Wellness Center, our mission is to provide our clients with the highest caliber of herbal pain relief. There are many medical uses for medical marijuana, and you can find out if it is right for you with a short medical marijuana consultation at Divine Wellness Center! Our staff is happy to accommodate you and answer any questions you may have. Let us tell you a little more about the world of medical marijuana.

• Different Ways to Use It—Medical marijuana is most commonly smoked, either through a pipe, bong, or simple rolling papers. However, if smoking anything does not appeal to you, marijuana can be vaporized, eaten, or taken as a liquid extract as well!

• Side Effects—A client on medical marijuana can become dizzy, drowsy, euphoric, or experience some minimal short-term memory loss.

• Medical Uses—As listed before, some of the medical uses of marijuana include pain (either temporary or chronic), depression, anxiety, and nausea. But other diseases treated with medical marijuana include Crohn’s, seizure disorders, muscle spasms, and nerve pain.

• Why Not Use It—We can’t think of any reasons! Now come on down to check out medical marijuana in Canoga Park, CA!

One of the benefits of using medical marijuana is the nonexistent risk of addiction and/or withdrawal that comes with traditional pain management medications. But medical marijuana does come with side effects, even though they usually do not last too long. Medical marijuana is not FDA-approved, so people are still unsure of its long-term effects. We do not allow clients under the age of 18!

We sell vaporizers and edibles of many forms for the people that prefer those methods over traditional smoking. From the classic brownie to a lollipop, the selection is wide! Feel free to sample a variety of medicines to see what works for you.

New breakthroughs in the world of medical marijuana are happening every day. Whether you have a temporary or chronic condition, come receive a medical marijuana consultation and see if our products are right for you!

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